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    Blog ini menceritakan tentang berbagai macam burung berkicau, dan jenis- jenis burung.

    Perbedaan Murai Batu Medan & Lampung

    Murai Batu Medan

    <span id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">In the book Captive Murai Batu mentioned by Mr. Rachmanto (Canisius, 2003), field stone magpie has distinctive characteristics in comparison with the magpie stone or other type of Lampung. Broadly speaking, the characteristics of field stone magpie is:

    1. Greater posture

    2. Tone of voice more clearly

    3. Variations chirp richer

    4. More black coat color

    5. Tail feathers are longer in comparison with other types

    6. Having the tail feathers are longer than the body

    7. Slightly curved tail feathers and tail semkin to divide widened.

    8. Faster benign

    9. It has a tone of voice loud and clear full pressure at Twitter

    10. Variations chirp continuously without interruption until completion and the chirp-chirp can be recycled back to the violence in the same intonation

    While the characteristics of the rock Lampung magpie can be characterized as follows:

    1. Tone of voice is smaller than the field stone magpie

    2. Variations booms in repeatedly in the same time

    3. Variations chirp less variation compared with field stone magpie chirp

    4. Shorter tail and smaller posture compared with field stone magpie

    5. Movement more agile than the magpie rock terrain.

    For the characteristics of the rock thrush in Borneo can be summarized as follows:

    1. Shorter tail and the tail end of widening

    2. Size magpie stone Kalimantan were

    3. Less has a variety of voice track (Rachmanto, 2003)

    What I need to add is, when singing at the sight of his opponent or see the female, the magpie stone Kalimantan will be inflated chest hair. Very different obviously with field stones or magpie magpie rock Lampung.

    The above guidelines can be made to look kind of magpie magpie stone or rock terrain to your liking. Hopefully Helpful.</span>

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